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The Devil is in the Details...(Be sure to look at the pictures, and then read on)

Where on earth (or....) did that saying come from? I am not certain...but as I sit here weeding a piece of heat transfer vinyl for a USMC Family Day t-shirt...That phrase comes to mind over and over as I find myself mired down in the details. 

Let me add that THOSE details are of my own making. While I could have designed it much more simply, say a basic, solid seemed more”honorable” to include those details...the feathers...the rope. After all, this design is honoring the men and women who give selflessly to defend our freedom (THAT is for another blog). As I sit “fussing” over a tiny feather (sometimes ready to give up assuming no one will notice), I cannot help think of he sacrifice these men and women make...the things they give up (college life, crazy post high-school parties, pursuit of a lucrative career, time with friends and family) all for me...and for you. (I hope THEY don’t feel that no one notices their sacrifice!) I cannot help but think that each little feather or rope twill is a piece of their life, a piece that they have set aside for the time to devote their life (or at the very least, this enlistment term) to defending the very freedoms that allow us to enjoy this life as we know it. As I “fight” with this TINY piece, ready to give up. I ponder just what piece of their life might this ”dot” be? Is it a parent or, is it a an academic endeavor put on hold, is it a a best friend left on his own, is it a baby that will have to wait to see his papa? That little piece suddenly does not seem so insignificant!

So, Back to the origin of the phrase...”The Devil is in the Details”. A search on the internet finds this: “The devil is in the details is a variation of 'God is in the details' which interprets that whatever one does should be done thoroughly and it also means that details are important....” Well now, THAT doesn’t help? “The Devil is in the Details” sounds so negative.  “God is in the Details”, sounds more positive and uplifting (though not as allitertively appealing) adds: Interestingly, the original phrase God is in the Details had a slightly different connotation than the modern phrase the devil is in the details. The idea was that whatever one does should be done thoroughly and the truth, if it exists, is in the details. The modern phrase does not speak of truth in this sense. The devil is in the details really only refers to problems or difficulties that result from the unforeseen nature of unexamined details. It refers to a catch hidden in the details rather than the truth in its abstract sense. Now THAT, I get. GOD IS IN THE DETAILS. He is everywhere...whatever we do should be done for His glory. That might be something BIG, like being a missionary, or heading a big philanthropic campaign, solving world hunger. Or... it might be that tiny little feather. Seemingly unimportant...or is it?

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