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Oh boy!  It has FINALLY returned.  If you weren't sure what "GOT" stands for, it is Game of Thrones.  The HBO series that I never wanted to watch.  True.

My hub and my son were all over this storyline.  It seems fitting as it is right in their wheelhouse -  kings, queens, mythical beasts, faraway kingdoms, dungeons and of course....dragons!

Does your family ever try to get you to watch a TV show with them, claiming "together time" when in all likelihood, it probably just eased their conscience since they were going to watch it with or without you?  Well I am a sucker for "together time" - so I reluctantly sat down to watch ONE episode together.  "Let's watch another", they said. OK...the couch IS pretty comfy, AND we ARE together.  And then it happened...before I knew it I was the one saying, "Let's watch another".

Since we were behind on OUR game, we were watching it on demand.  One episode after another, getting pulled into the conflicts between the houses of Stark, Lannister, Baratheon and Targaryen as they battle for control of the Seven Kingdoms. One episode after another soon became one season after another (when I say we were behind on OUR game, I meant we were 6 seasons behind!)

I was hooked!  Hubs would say, "Ok, it's time to go to bed" after two episodes... "WHAT????, it's only 11:30 - just one more episode", I would plead (never mind that I had to get up at 4:45 am to drive school bus!)

And then it happened - we made it through all 6 seasons. That was LAST summer..and we fell down that deep, dark show hole.  Word had it that GOT was not to return until the Summer of 2017.  We waited, albeit, not so patiently.

Last night was the big night - the premier, the return of GOTS7 - Game of Thrones Season 7.  Ahhh, I am in my happy place.  It will be a challenge waiting a whole week for a new episode (THAT is the beauty of having to catch up on demand...daily viewing!) - but that gives me 7 days to dream of flying on the wings of dragons...

I love my kids...but who wouldn't want to be The Mother of Dragons!!

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