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Monday, Monday... (you should sing that in your head...OR out loud!)

So today is Sunday. And that makes tomorrow Monday. Ughhh, why, Monday? I am not entirely certain why we have come to dread Mondays so much.

Oh, let's be real. Of course we all know why we HATE Mondays. Alarm clocks, making our lunches at the crack of dawn, rush hour traffic, work - the list goes on and on. It seems to me we are perfectly justified in despising Monday morning.

After all, Monday steals in and puts an abrupt end to the relaxation and fun we have had all weekend.

But I suggest that we take a different approach. This is nothing new, we have all heard it before. But I propose that we approach Monday with a new attitude (you can sing THAT one too, if you like!).

Here at The Garden of Weeding, we are going to celebrate Mondays with a weekly MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY offering. Might be a t-shirt, might be a mug, might be an etched beer mug, who knows! But just to kick the week off, the special MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY item will be offered at a discount of 25% off!! Hows that to START YOUR MONDAY??

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