How The Garden of Weeding Sprouted Me? NO WAY! Well, maybe.

This is the start of something big, at least to me. Those who know me know how I love my crafting! I love making cards, I love making decals, I love making t-shirt designs, I love making co-ordinated decorations for events. So last year I finally decided to take the leap and actually share my craftiness with the rest of the world!!

It started out with the idea of making greeting cards when I needed one (I am TERRIBLE at keeping cards on hand, and I spent way too much time perusing the card sections trying to find the "perfect" one) I researched a little and decided that an electric cutter would let me make some pretty awesome cards, on the spot, when I needed them.

Hello Silhouette. I like to call her "Sil". She quickly became my best friend...

Sil and I began creating all sorts of great cards, table decorations for my daughters wedding (be sure to check those out in the gallery). Next thing I knew I was subscribing to blogs and newsletters, looking for fun ways to use Sil. And then there are all the products and mediums...paper, cardstock, vellum, glitter stock and then I discovered vinyl!

Oh boy, that rabbit trail ran fast and deep. Permanent vinyl, removable vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, glitter vinyl, metallic vinyl...I wanted to try it all! I made all kinds of decals, big and small (think car bumpers and walls). I think you can see where I am going with this... My craft stash quickly grew. As did all the great ideas I had for using all these beautiful materials. And I knew I needed to do something about it!

I opened the Garden of little ETSY shop, so I could use my love of paper and vinyl crafting to make awesome products for others. Let me explain the name...The Garden of Weeding. Came to me in a flash, and despite trying to come up with a more "conventional", descriptive name...The Garden of Weeding kept coming back to me.

I have always loved to garden. Who doesn't love a beautiful garden? Well, when we downsized a couple years ago , we went from a HUGE yard housing HUGE gardens to a VERY SMALL yard. Gardening was going to become something different for me now. Hold that thought.

I have always loved weeding. Oh, do not get me wrong. I actually loathe actually having to weed. But, I love the way the garden looks when you get rid of all those nasty, unwanted weeds. Hold that thought.

Funny thing is, with vinyl and paper cutting - when you remove the unwanted material (like the background, just leaving the words, for instance) - THAT is actually called WEEDING! Ha - there is the connection. Why the name works for me.

In my Garden of Weeding - I remove the unwanted materials (remember, this is called weeding) to create a beautiful, intricately cut card or decal, etc. The creative ideas BLOOM, I WEED the cutwork and it becomes a thing of BEAUTY! So there you have it...The Garden of Weeding!

I hope you will visit "The Garden" regularly to watch it grow! I promise not to drown you with blog posts and newsletters, so please sign up to be notified when I plant some new seeds!

A rainbow spectrum of Oracal 651 vinyl, perfect for decals and other more permanent applications.