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This and That

The Garden of Weeding - vinyl and paper crafting is a custom design and production shop specializing in paper and vinyl mediums.   In reality if it "involves" paper or vinyl...we are your shop.  

We offer a wide array of products including simple decals (for your car, computer, walls and; well, really anything you can be stuck to!) , many personalized items, etched glassware and even wedding/party invitations, announcements and decor..we can design a product just for you.

One of our main passions is the United States Marine Corps and patriotism as a whole.  After all, America IS great and my son is actually a Lance Corporal in the USMC.  I love to design products for USMC families. So you will see unique items like The Crucible Vigil Light/ Celebration Mug as well as personalized Tee shirts for families to wear to the recruits graduation from boot camp!

When designing custom items, the sky is the limit.  Whatever your passion, event or gift giving need - we can help you come up with perfect and unique creations!!

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